Tracking Number : Finding of your Parcel through the UPS way

Logistics and finding out as to how one can send some parcels across the world can be much a pain and struggle as there sent that many people or company’s out there that will deliver them that safety and give you the very best of services as well to ensure you that it has been reached. Also, even if it were to be reached to the desired destination then what the guarantee that it will be safe and have all the things intact in the package that you might have sent out. Hence to clear out these hassles and be in a state of mind that you want someone who is trustworthy then we have the best logistics people who can give you complete confidence in making sure everything is right and done neatly.

UPS or United Parcel Service is one of those companies which often relies on making or getting the best way possible that one can give in to the best of their abilities to ensure that you have all your goods and other things delivered in time and have them safety back to the customer if it weren’t to be delivered on time. Also because of its outstanding services in the logistics department it sure has earned its name in being the top or the elite most logistics company in the world. Hence let’s talk a deeper look in this company and explore its secrets in detail.

The very logo or moto of UPS is to provide quality service and to give their customers the best services in parcel or mail delivery that anyone would have possibly seen. Not only this but then it keeps outgrowing other companies as well in taking the top spot to gain the bet out of everything and provide some nice service that everyone can enjoy to the most. Nevertheless, the company isn’t just concentrated on one part of the world but has various other different parts of the world where it is operational, and this spans up to almost 220 countries that tends to be a whole lot more sparkier and a whole lot more psychedelic as well to see that UPS operates almost across the globe to be simple. Hence, they have a very vast customer based system and the customers are attracted to their services because of the different types of costs they have for different types of parcels that the company can ship out. All this works out relatively cheaper and doesn’t require any additional cost other than you are giving them the standard rates and getting along with everything else. Also with the lost cost-effective feature the company tends to provide some state of the art services as well that will not only give you the upper hand in being the best in the game but also assuring you that they are the pioneers of the shipping world and will do so for the rest of the years to come. also, their services are plentiful but some of them are the ones which you could have on an urgent basis and be the best service as they tend to cost more but the parcel reaches on time and be on the pinnacle of their abilities to deliver all the packages safety to their owners.

Because of all the different things that are given or stated above the company tends to be on the pinnacle of their vast empire and looks forward in becoming something a whole lot more than just a parcel delivering company but be a service to the society that everyone can depend on. Other than this the company’s headquarters is in the city of Sandy Springs which a city in the state of Georgia, united states of America. But then all this is fine, and the vastness of the company is rather spell bound. Hence the company does deliver almost 15 million packages across the world to almost 7.9 million people from different countries daily. Which is mammoth in its own way and really mind boggling as well. But then what makes this company this big and famous among the various people who are seeking their level best in ensuring that they get the best service at all ties, well UPS is a company that only believes in making the right decision at the right time and providing the optimum customer satisfaction to give rise to more customers to trust them with their valuable customer delivery services in general. Because of all this UPS keeps growing and gives back much more than just happiness but also the trust that people seek to find in their services as well.

Now that we know all about the company and the ay that it functions and the services that it is so famous for carrying out. Let’s dig deeper into the roots as to how it came into existence and as to how it became this popular over the years. The company’s existence is very old and dates back the early 1900’s such that you can say it’s well over a century old in general. Hence the company has its true values and core which are still being circulated amongst the employees of the company and the company is more and more efficient as the days go by because of them being able to meet the demand that people want to form them. The company was founded by a person named James Casey in the 28 august 1907. Well the company started out to be a small delivering company which later started to broaden its roots deeper and deeper into the package delivering biasness. Well in the beginning it was all foot and bicycle game rated parcel delivering system but then it slowly began to expand and now it operates in more than 220 countries which can say that it sure did bloom to be something a whole lot more than just a company, but you could say it’s more like family as well. Hence, they are just on the verge of becoming the parcel and logistics company of the world in the days to come and because of this outstanding service, they sure do have the name and the customer satisfaction to back them up on this statement.

Now that we have the frim knowledge of knowing as to why and how the company began and who found the company, let consider the ways that the company tends to perform and enhance the very existence of it being a whole lot more feasible in getting the very best of the its capability always. Well in the functionality of the company there are three main things that tend to give you the very idea of it being this operation and highly optimum in its own way and those are given below.


Well the heading states that this service is only based in the united states of America. Well they do this because it’s easier for them to know as to how they can differentiate the local mail to the other two categories that are given below. Anything that is to be delivered within the united states of America jurisdiction is taken consideration under this tag and UPS take only the American letters or mails or packages under this category always.


As the heading says it, you sure do know that UPS tends to be across the world and tends to be much wider in giving you the best service always. But then their international segment sure does give people the ability to be a whole lot more vibrant in being much more efficient in well over 220 countries that tend to give you a much broader chance of having the best international parcel delivering services that anyone would have ever seen as well. Hence, they succeed in making everything the best in the class as well.

UPS Ground Tracking

The last segment of this delivery system is the contract logistics and operation based system that will give you the best service sin assuring you the best services for a legal contract or business across the world. We’ll all this is done on a contract based method that will give you a whole lot more than just being normal delivery systems as well. But then this service isn’t for everyone as they tend to function successfully in well over 175 countries that gives theme form hold in the major logistic division that the world has ever seen. That all these operations give them the much higher take in the best parcel delivery system in the world. But then in the service you might be wondering as to what and all could you possibly include, well it concludes all sorts of heavy duty truck loads and other sort of machinery and freight distribution and other sorts of things that cannot be deliver through normal way but needs special attention and care or bulk orders of any sort of products as well.

  • But to make all this work out and to keep this in the most efficient way possible there are somewhere around 444000 staff that tends to be a whole lot more than any other company for a logistic department. But they all don’t work the same sort of task, but then there are almost 362000 UPS workers and other the rest 82000 people tend to work internationally in solving any sort of problems that they might have wile placing an order or have any issues when the package is delivered. Anything, and these people can assist you any way possible to resolve it as well. But then even out of that around 240000 people are mostly drivers, delivery boys and clerks are present, which give a whole new arena for job opportunities as well.


You might be wondering as to how the company tends to deliver all the millions of parcels all around the world and tend to be on top of their game to ensure that they have the moist optimum of services with them always. Hence, they have some vigorous work fleets at their disposal that they tend to use to give out the best of everything and ensure that the packages are reaching to the right place and everything stays in one piece. Hence let’s look.


Well you might be wondering as to what this means, but then this is nothing different but then tends to be the simplest way of actually manhandling the packages in a car of a customized truck in general. Other than this when this method was earlier carried out by bicycles it now uses the method of using car as the daily commute. Well this is mainly used in the intercity between the city limits to give a much faster take on how the parcels are being delivered.


Well as the name suggests you get to suddenly that these are meant of the long haul and ensure you that you get the very best of the goods in the long journeys from one place to another between states in the united states of America in general. Not only this but then they are usually gray such that you get to know as to how they tend to be and what their purpose is as well. Hence, they are also known as feeders which tend to act like that to give the packages from one city to another in general.


Well the company started based on having cycles as their regular commute to ensure that all the lighter parcels tend to be delivered and provide you with a much more significant rate of timing through which they were to be parceled when compared to now. Its rather different and give you a rather wider take in ensuring the perfect way of being punctual and using it in the narrowest of roads and the busiest od cities as well.


This mode of transportation is more likely to be used only in the major countries where the load is too much for the trucks to handle it. Other than this it’s also useful for the trains to take them to places that trucks can’t be able to go as well. Hence the options of train are slightly neglected this method tends to be something a whole lot more not that punctual but then is preferred when there is some huge quantity required to be delivered in not any time phrase.


Without this feature it wouldn’t be possible for the company to be reached out in more than 220 countries that will give them a major boost in handing it over to keeping it to a whole new level in enhancing every bit of their services internationally and expanding as the days goes by. Not only this but then the company tends to have around 236 airlines which are fully operational at any given point of time and still are the fastest ways of getting things around from one point to another as well.

After seeing the various kinds of transportation services and seeing the ways through which all this tends to happen, we can thus say that the company is moving in the right direction of innovation and tends to seek the upper marks in the realm if innovation and creation. And this is exactly what they aim to do to make the company go in the right direction and enrich the very operation of the company by giving out some futuristic methods that can change the toughest of tasks into the simplest of them as well. But then from the time they have been operational and fulfilling their services, the company did try and implement the options of tracking as to where their shipment might as well be, hence to solve these hassles UPS started a service called as UPS tracking OR UPS store Tracking which lets you track the shipments as to where they are and how you can get the most out of everything in general. That this is a well carried out service which can guarantee you the exact location of the parcels that you might have sent out across.

All this comes to be possible by an innovative solution by the company to assess codes of some genre to the each of the packages that tend to appear onto the parcels. Which thus can be ensured as to when the parcel was shipped out and know where the parcel is if you want to know at any given point of time as well. Thus, all this proves to be a whole lot more better in the many ways that UPS tends to be something a whole lot more than just a parcel delivering agency but a pioneer in making it something bigger than ever before as well. Hence, they have started such sort of hi-tech things to enhance the regular functionality to another level such that they can be on top of their toes always and never back down at any given situation whatsoever.

Hence by all this you will come to know as to when and where the parcel has been to right before it comes in your doorstep in the end. This service is whole lot safer as it tends to give a real-time interface as to the location of each of the parcels that set out on its journey to give you the assurance as to when and how it might get to you and if anything were to go wrong, you will come to know what to do and will be aware of the things happen in real time as well.

But then this service wasn’t all good in the beginning of the introduction but did take some time and tweaking to do to enhance the very details through which they could get the best of everything and give in to making it near to perfect as well. Hence for the people are familiar to the services have no problem with it and agree to the terms and conditions of UPS that has on the service of tracking down your cargo. For those people life itself becomes easy as all the things that you send through UPS is much more reliable and becomes a whole lot safer in its own way because of the level of intense care and affection that the company tends to give the cargo in general. But then it’s not all fairy tale story as the new customers who want to use this service tends to be much more worried as to whether they might check my parcels and something much greater than that might as well happen. Hence for those people we have the UPS tracking Store briefing given down below that will give you the best of everything and ensure that they get all the details about this service and never go empty handed or be nervous while they use this service. But then not only this but then there are various other methods as well that will give you the level of confusions to which kind of service to choose from that can easily be the best choice for you such that you get the correct service and are benefited in the best way possible.

What is UPS Tracking?

Well the very name itself gives out the answer as to what the service does and what the functions might as well be. Well this is a part of the UPS service scheme that enables customers to know as to when or where their parcel might as well be at any given point of time and give in to the various amounts of other details as well that can give the owner as to how they can know where their parcel is in real time. But then for the many people out there wondering as to whether you might have to pay something to achieve this level of sophistication to avail this service then you might be baffled to know that the service is free of cost and doesn’t require any additional costs but right from sitting at your home you can track down these parcels and be on the forefront of knowing how and where and when it will each the other destination in exactly how much time. Hence this is the most convenient way of knowing the detail of the shipment and how it tends to be a much more reliable feature after all.

Hence in this very article you will come to know as to what are the many differ ways that one can use to ensure that they get eh best out of everything and give in the various methods through which they can choose from to get the best out of everything as well. Hence for all this the article provides every sort of detailed explanation that will give you enough information such that you will come to know each process and functionality about all the various kinds of services that goes down under the UPS tracking name in general. Hence let’s dig much deeper into this realm of having the best sort of service that you might want to have for your desired parcel or package. But before all this let’s consider the basics of the UPS tracking feature that can initially give you a unique sort of tracking code that will provide every sort of information. Let’s consider this first before ewe get started with the other things later.

Well for all the packages that are accepted into UPS, the company tend stop provide each one of the packages with unique codes or better known as tracking codes that tend to give and unique identification sort of a code that can give a whole lot more about the product that is begin shipped. Well it isn’t directly printed onto the product, but then UPS personally puts all the goods in a specially sealed bag such hat the contents of bag stay safe and nothing ever goes wrong as well. Hence they are really unique and nothing ever matches but then every code that ever is in use is different from one another and with the help of all of this its tends to provide a much wider and richer taste in making sure that you can track the goods and never get lost as to where it might be and get worried because of the unknown location it might as be in. but with the help of this tracking code, that worry goes away for sure because of UPS innovation and desire to keep this notion on a constant motion.

Other than this the tracking code Is always present on the underneath side of the QR code that brings about an exact knowing as to how or when the tracking codes need to be used. Well this code is given out carefully to the person who tends to be tracking it down or given to the customer who wishes to know where the parcel might as well be. That this code is given out well before the parcel is shipped out and through their tracking systems, anyone can get to know as to where and when their parcel is and when will it be with them in what exact amount of time which is close to being precise as well. Hence the code tends to be there on the bill that they hand it over to you and on the pictures given out over here, you will come to know as to how and when can they actually make the best out of everything and know who are when it the company going to deliver the package as well.

But then for the many people out there wondering as to whether the codes might get exchanged or something like that. Well nothing like that ever happens as there are no two same codes that can coincide with each other. Even when the parcels are delivered the codes are never used again but always tend to be something brand new that is used such that you get the full assurance of having a whole lot more rather than just being in the realm of just being something less than codes in general. Hence the codes tend to be the same on the package as well as on the bill that they give you. Such that you don’t get anything wrong, but the customer is always knowing the precise location always as well. Also other than this every step of the way the location along with what has been done to the package is all updated onto the registered code such that when you tend to use the code to find out the codes location you get the various kinds of updates as to when did it get shipped, has it reached the place yet, etc. also all this is the same thing that gets displayed onto the information display of the UPS systems as well, such that if any error they can correct it then and there to avoid confusion later on.

Hence there is special system designed for this very same process and gives you the ability to be on top of your game to enhance the very best of the services that you might always want to have from the company as well. Hence for all the lesser confusion and to make it much simpler the codes that are given out to the customer and put on the package are the ones that are only used for the process of tracking down the product and give out other details of the products if required by the customer as well. So even if you were to send this package on an international basis, you will always get the best of everything and also know as to what the details of the package are and at what time can you expect eh package to be delivered as well with the latest of updates coming to you in the most fastest way possible and those are through notification that you might get on you mobile phone if you were to use the app on your phone which we will get onto in a quite a while.

Now that we have known a whole lot more about the tracking codes and as to how we can use them for what purpose in the article given above, let’s take a deeper consider the classification of these codes such that there are mainly 4 types of codes that they have in circulation and can be used depending on the type of shipment and as to where it might have to be shipped. Hence below are given the different kinds of tracking codes that you can see and get to know them when you see them on an actual UPS bill of package the next time you use their service.

* 1Z9999999999999999


* T9999999999


* 999999999


* 999999999999

Well the above given codes are just random examples as to codes that they sue and let’s break them down into further bits such that you can ensure that you get the best of knowledge as to what means what in the codes that are given above in general.

  • The tracking format that the company generally tends to use is the very first one and this the 1Z9999999999999999 in which the following given down are the broken-down versions giving you a brief knowledge in these codes.
  • Well the numbers that are present after the 1Z and a total of 6 number after that are known as shipper numbers which means to say that as to where the package is being shipped from and the name location and other things. As every place has a code that can be used in the many ways to give a much wider take as to how one can use them in general.
  • Then after that the next two digits are known as the service level indicators of the package. Basically, what this tends to tell the workers at UPS that what kind of service is this package require and as to where the package needs to go into what level of the various other kinds of services that the company has to offer as well. Hence each of their services are denoted by different codes that are uniquely given out by UPS itself.
  • And the remaining of the last 8 digits are the unique random numbers that are given out by the company onto the packages such that they get the uniqueness and can store some more amount of data and gives it that special identification that tends to separate it from the rest in general.

    UPS Tracking Number

Well these tracking numbers are different depending as to how one can be benefited from the different methods of having the best of ways in knowing as to what kind of tracking code is put on what kind of package that the company tends to classify based on certain types of criteria’s in general. Other than this there are numbers from 7 to 20 digits differentiating it into random different sort of transportation as well such that they can get to know as to how they need to be transported and on what form of transport should they use to transport them as well. Hence below are some of the tracking number classifications that are given down that can give you a very clear idea of what the company tends to do with the different tracking codes.


Well this kind of number is specifically used in the realm of the goods that need to be transported by the mean of air. Mostly these kinds of goods are given out to the mails or parcels that need utmost care in transporting them from one place to another in the most fastest way possible. Or there might be some handle with care criteria that might as well need some special attention as well.


Well you might be thinking that this kind of codes are used for the packages and mail that needs to be done over land. Well you are wrong as these kinds of freights or cargo are shipped through the means of water ways that gives you a much more different take as to how one can give them any sort of bulk delivery assessment such that they can use their water ways system to get them to one place e to another place in the peak of tie but also take in a huge number of packages and mails that need to be delivered as well thought he water ways system which works best.


Special attention and care is always given out to the people using UPS for the first time. Well the company does tend to take care of all their needs and provide some much vibrant take through which they can give their best of services to the first timers using their services. Hence this number is given out to the people who are using UPS for the first time and tends to be a whole lot more suitable in giving the number to them a well. But this is only for the persons who are using the UPS delivery system for the first time ever.


There are times as to when one might fail to be incompetent in making sure that they tend to receive their parcel once its reached the UPS center where they might have to come up and collect it. But in certain circumstances it sure does tend to be a whole lot more feasible that they might have forgotten to come and collect it and then it goes down to be uncollected as well. Hence at that point of tine the number is then given put to the customer such that they can track down the parcel and make sure as to where did it go when it went unpicked and can be used to make another delivery of the same parcel another tine but then this might be longer a not any time soon depending on the type of parcel that you might have sent out.


Well for the many different numbers that are being issued depending upon the many kinds of parcels that go out but then there are a few which tend to depend upon the weight or the total weightage of the package that can in turn prove to be a task for the company to get the things out and ensure that they get it delivered right without any sort of damages to the initial product itself. This number is unique, and the delivery takes place depending upon the weight in general.


Now that we have learnt about the various services that UPS tends to provide to their customers, it’s no doubt that their tracking methods  for UPS are also on the top of their game in providing something a whole lot more than just delivery of goods but then there are some many ways that one can choose from to track down the delivery of the products in general. Hence the methods that are enlisted below tend to be given out by the UPS enterprise people itself to ensure that people tend to get the best of everything and provide optimum solution to give out the very best of ways such that they can choose from and use them to track the parcels that are coming their way. Hence by the help of the tracking id and other sorts of different ways, we sure can track down the delivery of the products and get optimum results to the best way possible. Hence let’s get started on these steps and let’s check out each step-in detail s to how you can go about it and know what to do each of the methods that are given below. Let’s get cracking.

Track Package using UPS Tracking Number

As the method directs you, this step will enable you to get to know or track down your package with the help of the tracking id given to you by the company. Hence let’s get cracking.

  • Step – 1: – the very basic of step in the beginning would be to get to know as to whether you have the tracking id with you and you know the proper code of the package as well.
  • Step – 2: – after the step given above, get to the UPS official website which if you have any hard time finding then we have provided the links to those sites below which you can use and make the best use of it always.


  • Step – 3:now you must open the site of the official page of UPS or click on the other link below the official link which will rather take you to the tracking site of the page and will give you much more productive options to get to the tracking of the package as fast as possible.
  • Step – 4: – now that you see the page open right in front of you, make sure that you check out for the location services that tends to stay upon the top right corner that will give you the very best of options in getting to know as to how you can locate the mail or delivery package.
  • Step – 5: – well after clicking upon the location option the choose the place at which you are currently residing upon. Well make sure that the option has your location, or it might as well lead to another problem them in the end.
  • Step – 6: – After you have chosen your location you will be taken to another tab depending upon your locations the web page might as well look different and might be somewhat irrelevant to the way it may look for different people. Then over there find the trading option which you will find somewhere in the middle of the page next to UPS shipping Tracking in general. After you click this you will get many options that will give you some wider choices as what you want to do under tracking.
  • Step – 7: – Then after you have finished the above step, make sure that you chose the track shipment option from the various options that are given below such that you can finally track down your shipment through this method.
  • Step – 8: – once you finish with all these steps you will get a window on the web page which will give you various options of how you want to track your package using UPS Tracking service depending upon your way or desire of racking the package.
  • Step – 9: – well in this method we are tracking the shipment through the tracking id then select the first option which says track by number which gives you a thorough details to how one can track a package through the tracking id.
  • Step – 10: – well when you choose the above option where you will be given an empty box which will have something written on it. Over here you can enter your tracking id.
  • NOTE – there is a limit at which you can track the parcels at a time. Well that limit is at 25 where you can enter the tracking id one by one by pressing enter and going onto the next line till you have 265 or lesser tracking ids entered. Well this helps when you have more than one package to be delivered at the same time. Hence make sure that you have all the 25 tracking ids or less in the correct format with no errors whatsoever.
  • Step – 11: – well after the above steps are done then in the end on the bottom right corner you will find a track option, press that and that will track the orders or the shipments according to the tracking id numbers entered.
  • NOTE – try to enter the exact numbers that are given out on the tracking id as if it doesn’t and then if you hit the track button then it might as well shoe a message which will say “UPS could not locate the shipment details for your request. Please verify your information and try again later”. Hence to avoid all of this, make sure that before you hit the track button all the tracking ids are might, and nothing goes wrong. Because if one thing goes wrong then you might have to enter all the tracking ids all over again. Hence be accurate from the very first itself.

    Track Package by UPS Reference option

  • Step 1: – the very first step in starting this method would be to keep all your tracking ids with you such that there is no delay whatsoever in entering the numbers to know the position of your package that is to be delivered.
  • Step 2: – then when you have everything ready with you then make sure that you go to the UPS website that will give you the main h

    ups tracking orderome page where you can find all the different information that you might want. Hence a link has been provided below for you to take advantage of.

  • Step 3:now from the window that has opened select the location of where you want to search for the package as well.
  • Step 4: – after you select the respective option for the location from where you want the package to be tracked then from the fresh new window opened on your screen ensure that you select the tracking option from the several different things that are available in the window that you opened.
  • Step 5: – after you have opened the tracking option. You will get a drop-down list that will give you a much farther option to give you a many way through which you can choose several different options as well. Hence choose the track shipment option that will be of much help in this method.
  • Step 6: – then when you click on that option you will find another window with many other option given such that you can feel free to choose any of these options as one of your primary option that you wish to choose from as well.
  • Step 7: – no win the previous method we clicked on the track shipment by a tracking id. But then over here we are going to select the option of track by reference in the different options that are given in that window that you have opened.
  • Step 8: – then when you open this option you will firstly have to fill in the type of package that you have. Well this may depend upon the level of package that would be on your side of delivery process. Hence make sure to choose the right option for using this option.
  • Step 9: – now in this step you must enter the shipping reference number that makes sure that your shipment has some sort of unique identity. Well this shouldn’t be any more than 35 characters and should include both the characters and numbers in its combination of the reference code that you might as well be inserting in the open box.
  • Step 10: – after all of this select the shipment date range as in when the shipment was shipped and when was it expected it to reach you place and other things like that.
  • Step 11: – well now in this step you must enter the shipper details. Basically, if you have an UPS account then make sure that you that entered over here such that they can track down as to where exactly the shipment was made, and nothing tends to go wrong while this method tracks down your shipment in the end.
  • Step 12: – now this step needs the country to which the parcel is being sent to, thus make sure that these credentials are correctly entered such that the system can determine as to where exactly is your parcel or package and can give you as much accurate results as possible.
  • Step 13: – now you will have to enter the postal code or the zip code as to where the parcel is heading to such that the system can get a brief idea and will give you within an instant as to where the parcel or the package is in that given point of time with real time updates as well.
  • Step 14: – now that you have completed all the boxes and checked out everything, then make sure that you cross-check it all over again such that you dint miss out on anything and make sure everything entered is right and correct as well.
  • Step 15: – then presenter and the shipment details along with the package delivery details will be given as well.

    UPS Tracking by Mail

Well now that we have discovered that there are two methods that thorough which we can get eh desired results of tracking the shipments and give in to the various kinds of things as well. There is another way through mail as well that can give you a much wider take in getting to know as to where the package or the parcel is at any given point of time. Well if you want to know much more about this step and know more about how this can be executed, then below we have provided a thorough synopsis about this procedure and will be the best way to get some direct information from the personnel working at UPS in assisting you in this step.

For using this step, there is nothing much you must do but just ensure that you have the proper mail id hat us given below and just mail it to them about the subject and the content containing your tracking ids. Nevertheless, they will do all the work and give you as to exactly where the packages are. But make sure that you only send them about only 25 of the tracking ids or else if sent more only 25 will be searched and given back. Hence you will get a reply soon as you send that mail to the desired mail address. Also, this mail address can be used to track down freight tracking and other things as well.



Well for the people staying in the UK want to know the procedure for tracking their packages and parcels, well it’s the same procedure as the one that you use in the united states of America one. Hence follow the same steps and you will get the desired results for your search results.

UPS Tracking by UPS SMS Tracking

There are mobile phones with everyone these days and UPS also provides some fascinating ways of getting the updates right onto your cell phone through the medium of SMS and messages that can help you know as to where the shipment is in real time.

  • Step 1: – the very basic of step is to go to their website which has all the services and deals that you might be interested in. well the link is given below for you to go ahead and check them out.

  • Step 2: – then after you open this page, you will not be familiar to go directly to the tracking option where you will get another set of options that will give you the track shipment option. Click on it which will pave way to another dialogue box giving several various other options as well.
  • Step 3: – well once that option box appears then click on the SMS racking and over there click on the option which says notify me with updates and this will prompt you with all the notifications coming on your phone in real time.
  • Step 4: – now when you choose this option you will have to choose the type of notification that you would like to receive and then click on SMS type notification.
  • Step 5: – now when you click on this another box will open asking for your number and making sure that you have the right umber given over there. But if you have already entered another number then you don’t have to enter a new one.
  • Step 6: – now that you have entered the mobile number, this will the mobile number on which you will get all the notifications and other important update about your package soon till it gets delivered. When this happens, it will ask for a confirmation code that will prompt it automatically in telling the system that this is the genuine number itself.
  • Step 7: – hence now that the confirmation and all other details are done, you will start to receive real time messages about the delivery of your packages and other important things that will give you enough satisfaction as to where the package is at that given point of time.