How To File an Appeal For USPS Domestic Claim?

USPS is the backbone of the US Postal System and is responsible for the delivery of mails and couriers to all the people of the US and the world at large. As a USPS customer, it is very important for you to know How To File an Appeal For USPS Domestic Claim?

Although it provides a punctual and unparalleled postal service to the people of USA, sometimes situations may arise when the shipment of a parcel may get delayed beyond the reasonable time.

Steps To File an Appeal For USPS Domestic Claim

There are pre-requisites before you can file an appeal for a USPS Domestic Claim. The reasonable time considered by the USPS for delivery of the shipment and the time frame after which you may file an appeal is 24 hours after the tentative delivery time. After that period, the USPS mail can be considered to be lost.

There can be other situations too due to which a particular mail cannot be delivered to the recipient, i.e., damaged packages or denial of packages by the recipient.

It is best that you file an appeal after the passing of the stipulated time period for each category of mail. But you must not file it later than 60 days from the date of mailing.

You need to follow the simple steps given below to file your appeal :

  • Go to Domestic Claims page of USPS, i.e.,
  • Use your user ID and password to sign in to Online Claims section.
  • Provide the Tracking/Label Number and shipping date of the respective shipment.
  • Enter the required Mailer and Addressee information and claim details.
  • Upload PDF or JPG version pictures of the packages that you have lost for substantiation of the claim.
  • If your package was insured you need to provide the insurance details also like the insurance fees, etc.
  • Now you can submit your application of domestic claim.

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