What is The USPS Homeless Mail Delivery Service?

Hello friends! Today we shall discuss an important service provided by the USPS, i.e, What is the USPS Homeless Delivery Service? USPS is one of the largest networks of postal and courier companies in the world and reaches around lakhs of customers in the USA and across the world.

So it believes in in inclusivity and tries to make postal service accessible to every citizen of USA by introducing different classes of emails.

USPS Homeless Mail Delivery Service

The homeless people constitute a considerable percentage of the population of the US. Since homeless people don’t have a shelter over their head, you must be wondering whether they will be able to access the USPS mail service. Well, there is a good news, USPS has started the USPS Homeless Mail Delivery Service.

To register for this facility, that person needs to submit a written application to his nearest USPS Post Office.

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