Does The USPS Keep Pictures Of The Mail They Scan Forever?

If you are a USPS customer, then you might know that USPS scans its mails before it sends them for delivery. So a question you might have in mind is that Does the USPS Keep Pictures Of The Mail They Scan Forever? Well, if you are searching for the answer to this question, then read on the full article below.

USPS scans its emails according to their zip codes at the pick-up hub so that they can be sorted according to their routes. The processing machines at the hub scan the zip codes in the parcels to send them to their designated routes. But sometimes the machines might not be able to read the zip codes. So, in that case, the picture of the barcode is put in the reader manually.

And sometimes, pictures of parcels might be sent to the drivers who don’t know their routes. So the picture is fed in the computer which helps them to navigate their routes. These images are deleted by USPS regularly.

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