What Is An Example Of A UPS Tracking Number?

Hello friends! As you know, UPS tracking numbers are vital for tracking a UPS parcel from here you can know What Is An Example Of A UPS Tracking Number? A UPS tracking number is an alphanumeric code in the format 1Z9999999999999999. Each character signifies an important detail about the package. For instance, the first two characters 1Z signifies that the courier is a domestic package.

An example of UPS tracking number is 1Z204E380338943508.

In this code :

  • the first two characters 1Z signifies that the package is a domestic package.
  • the next six digits of alphanumeric characters signify the UPS account number of the customer.
  •  the next two digits signify the UPS service level code
  • the next seven digits signify package identifier code.
  • the last digit signifies the check digit.

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