Closest UPS Location Near Me to Drop Off or Pick UP

UPS has a new facility of Drop off for your parcel or package which is of UPS drop box. Today we will tell you the best information and benefits of Drop box facility provided by UPS. UPS drop box is the service which is completed by the customer itself, it accepts the UPS locations near me UPS service.

Sometimes it happens that we were being busy so we wanted to delay the timing of pickup of package at the last minute as scheduled earlier , but UPS has all the management of everything even to your pickup schedule timing due to this you should need to know the timings of UPS Pickup facility which is a problem for the customer . For solving this issue UPS has brought a new feature for its customer’s convenience which is of UPS drop box facility. There are many features and benefits of Dropbox facility provided by UPS close to me or you.

Let us discuss some of the features and facilities provided by UPS in form of UPS drop box to its customer –

1 – UPS drop box facility accepts all of the locations and all levels of UPS service and helps us to find UPS near me.

2 – The another benefit of UPS drop box is that it is available all time that is 24 hours even on weekends, Saturday’s and Sunday’s. So, it will be the best service for those people who have the very busy schedule or do not have time to go to the UPS locations near to my location on weekdays.

3 – The other feature of this service is that you will get the facility of rescheduling your pickup anytime later or before in case of emergency or any other parcel.

4 – It is the best when you need to drop or ship your parcel at the last moment, in this case, search for the drop box which is near to you and avail the facility.

There are some restrictions and points you should know before dropping your parcel in UPS drop box. Below are these points look at them –

1 . The parcels that were dropped in the Dropboxes of UPS are not only delivered to domestic locations but they can also be delivered to the international location.

2 . You can put the price of the parcel as higher as up to $ 500 for each package.

3 . You will be also going to get all of the necessary and important shipment details or supply details at your closest UPS drop box to your location.

4 . The maximum size of your drop off package should not exceed 16*13*13 inches.

UPS has more than 40,000 drop boxes at different locations but only in the United States. as the number of UPS drop boxes is very high so there are 99% chances that you will definitely get the dropbox very near to your current location. The all over the thing you need to do is to search for the drop box which is near to you and go there for dropping your package to deliver it.

Now, the main problem persists in front of you is that how will you find the nearest drop box to you. Do not worry we have a solution for it too. In below article, we will be going to tell you how you can search for the nearest Dropbox to your location.

Different Ways to find UPS Locations near me

UPS drop boxes are very popular in united states among peoples as it provides everything to the customers which are very easy for them to use. We will here be going to discuss 2 ways by which you can easily search for the nearest drop box location to you.

1 . Finding drop box by using map

One of the most popular ways to find the UPS store near me is Google map feature. This map feature of Google easily tracks your location and access you to the nearby UPS drop box location to which you can easily drive and reach the location. This map feature access you to all of the nearest locations from which you can easily select the best one from your compared location. This map features works on GPS and tracks your location.

So, you can use this map for dropping your parcel and receive it on the day of arrival by using dropbox facility. This map has a lot of knowledge of places where you want to go. But it is time-consuming to track the location by using map. You must have complete knowledge of using google map to save your time. In google map, you first need to open it then select the current location of you and the destination location of you after that you can search for it. Google map will create a direction for you to follow and you will reach your desired location by following the track. You are free to choose any time for going there whenever you are free.

Now, if you are a new user of google map then you are thinking that how it will track the location of nearby Dropbox without even taking any much information from you. Actually, your smartphone has a feature of GPS which automatically detects your current location and when you type the name of your destination location the satellites track that particular path with help of GPS and show you the path to reach your desired UPS Store Locations. There is one best feature that if you want the more and detailed information about your destined location then you need not go online or surfing through different websites for getting information, Google maps itself provides you the option of more info by which you can get each and every detail in just one click. A box will open in front of you when you click on the more info which has all of the details like name, complete address, contact number, ratings, directions etc . and then follow these directions of the map which will let you to the destination drop box.

UPS is getting very popular and number one day by day in providing the postal services so it is not possible that you will not have any UPS store nearby to you but sometimes people do not have time of searching the UPS center or location or going to it for dropping their parcel on weekdays due to their busy schedule in that case UPS drop box gives a breath of relief as there is no problem of time you can drop your parcel any time any day in the drop box for delivery . Google maps normally provide the shortest and easiest route to reach the desired destination location.

2 .Find UPS store near me using store locator

The another way of finding the location of nearest drop box is by using UPS locator. For this first of all go to the and then enter the particular location to which you want to locate the nearest UPS drop box. A list will open in front of you which includes UPS drop box and UPS centers. Now, you need to deselect all of the options with UPS center and then go to the search option. Click on the search you will get all of the information regarding the nearest UPS drop box to you. Forgetting all of the information just click on the icon saying more info. The map will show you all of the information regarding your selected UPS Dropbox. The route will get opens on the map with a path, you can reach the location by just following the particular path shows by UPS locator to you.

The map will show you all of the information regarding your selected UPS Dropbox. The route will get opens on the map with a path, you can reach the location by just following the particular path shows by UPS locator to you. Remember that you will not be going to get any pickup service from dropbox on weekends so you must need to know the pickup hours of UPS drop box before availing this facility of UPS.

UPS Store Locator

Now, you are thinking that what is the difference between Google map and UPS locator as both the methods shows you the path on the map of nearest DropBox. There is an advantage of UPS locator over other methods which is that this locator is provided and maintained by UPS itself. So, all of the information which is going to be provided to you by using UPS locator is 100 % correct and updated that is the latest information by UPS officials only so, the chances of getting wrong information is zero.

UPS services like Dropbox and pickup facilities are very popular among UPS customers. So, in this article, we told you about the UPS drop box and pick up facilities of UPS. We told you the benefits uses and how you can easily find the nearest Dropbox to you , in this article we told you two methods of searching UPS drop box first one is of Google map in which you can save your time as Google maps shows you the shortest route while in second method we told you about UPS locator which is handled by UPS officially and is regularly updated with the latest information . So this is all up to you which method you like to choose. We hope that you will not be going to face any problem in finding the UPS Dropbox location near to you.