Does UPS deliver on Saturdays and Sundays?

UPS deliver on Saturdays and Sundays: UPS ( United Parcel Service ) is a service started in united states for delivering parcels and packages of the customer to their desired location. UPS is not only available in united states but not also delivers in other countries too across the world. There is always a great problem and question for those who are working and have a very tight schedule on weekdays, they don’t have time to deliver their package and parcel for those peoples UPS has an awesome facility of pick up and drop up for those who need to deliver their package urgently on Saturdays and the persons who are busy on Saturday also they can deliver their package even on Sunday’s too.

For availing, this facility UPS has brought its new service named as “ UPS Critical Express Service”. By using UPS critical express service you will be able to consignment even UPS Delivery on Saturday and Sunday.

UPS critical express service is for those packages which need to be transported urgently or those which are time sensitive. You are able to send your lightweight package and also the heavy packages by using this service. UPS has its separate official websites especially for urgently delivered packages through which you can directly contact to UPS for this service. You can manage your shipment through UPS express critical service if you need to deliver your item quickly in a limited duration of time then you can contact the members of UPS through their website for the quick delivery with some extra charges.

If your package needs to be handled or delivered with extra care or the package includes some bookable item then you can use this service of UPS in which your package will be handled with a lot of care and delivered safely without any damage to it. If your item is temperature sensitive then it will be delivered with temperature controlled vehicles in particular temperature required for your package for its safe delivery by using this service. This service also has the feature of pick up and drop up facility for your parcel. UPS Delivery hours are 24 which means you can manage your delivery time according to your suitability.There are many other services to which deliver on weekends but the UPS is best which is trustable and deliver your package on time.

There are many people who do not have time on weekdays and are only free on Sunday and they want to know about the UPS Sunday Hours. If you are one of them and looking to deliver or submit your parcel on Sunday then you must go to the UPS. UPS has a special service for such packages and articles who need to be delivered on correct time provided by the customer this special service of UPS is known as UPS Critical Express Service. By using this service you can send your parcel  UPS Hours Saturday even on Sunday. This facility is available for 24 UPS hours, you can submit or let your article delivered anytime even on Sunday. For letting this service UPS has its special official website which is only for time sensitive or some special packages.

Does UPS deliver on Sunday?

For opening this website, you need to first of all sign up on it with your correct credentials after that you log into the website anytime. You can also track your shipments sent with this service by UPS online using unique tracking id provided to you like other normal packages you did. So, now it is possible to even send your urgent parcels on Sunday with only some nominal charges of UPS. On UPS Saturday hour is delivers from 10 am to 7 pm you can also pick up your packages from UPS even on Saturday if your parcel is using UPS Critical Express Service which means that it is scheduled for Saturday delivery but for the normally delivered parcels you need to wait till Monday. As UPS only give Saturday pick up and drop up facility on its Critical Express Service. The Saturday pickup facility is also available for air and international packages with a regular Saturday pickup or by using UPS on-call pickup but the pickup facility is not available for Sunday. On Sunday’s you can only drop up your package but on Saturday UPS Hours provides both facilities of drop up and pick up.

Does UPS Deliver on Weekends?

If you do not have time even on weekends then UPS has also provided you the best facility of UPS drop box, but you can only avail this service if you are living in united states as this facility is now only limited to united states, not in other countries. In UPS drop box facility you are able to drop your package in the boxes provided by UPS at every location. You are allowed to drop your parcel anytime even on Saturday’s and Sunday’s at any hour of the day whenever you are free. This a very helpful facility provided by UPS to its customers so that they can send their packages any time as most of the delivery companies do not provide this facility of weekends to the customers. You can even send the urgent packages by using UPS drop box.

UPS Express Critical service days and timings

Does UPS deliver on Saturday?

Let us know about the delivery commitment of UPS on Saturday’s –

The Saturday delivery commitment time depends on that which service you are choosing for delivery. There are several delivery services depending on the time for Saturday.

1 . UPS next day Air early: In this service, you get the facility of delivery on next day as early as possible by 9:00 AM, it also depends on the destination delivery. But the UPS provides you the guarantee of delivery on next day in the early morning at the time of weekends.

2 . UPS next day Air: In this service of UPS, you get the facility of delivering you parcel next day of dropping in the afternoon in between 12:00 noon or 1:30 PM. These timings are only for Saturday’s ( time may vary due to the destination location ).

3 . UPS 2nd day Air: In this service of UPS you will be going to get the delivery of your package on 2nd day after drop up. If you have packed your package on Thursday and wants to deliver it till Saturday then you can avail this service of UPS in which your package will get delivered by Saturday, timings are based on the destination location of the consignment.

4 . UPS ground and UPS 3 day select: In this service, your parcel will be delivered at the end of the day on Saturday. IT is only available in selected zip codes of United States.

5 . UPS worldwide express plus: This service is based on the destination. UPS Delivery Days and timings vary according to time and the delivery location.

As you know that UPS ( United Parcel Service ) is the world’s largest package delivery company whose customers are in all over the world. So, we were talking about the shipment or delivery by UPS on Saturday and Sunday. At end, we come to this conclusion that on normal days UPS delivers on Saturdays within limited working UPS hours but on Sundays UPS do not deliver. But you can drop your package at UPS on even Sundays as most of the UPS centers remain open even on Sunday. But what you will do if you need to deliver your package urgently on Sunday. For this UPS has a special service known as UPS critical express by using this service you are able to deliver your parcel even on Sundays.

As this UPS critical service is mainly for those delivery consignments which are time sensitive, temperature sensitive or the special package which needs a lot of care to be handled properly and effectively. If you are living in the United States and you need to deliver your parcel in the same country that is your shipping is domestic, not international then UPS has another service also for you which is of UPS drop box facility in which you can drop up your package in UPS dropbox so that it gets delivered on time the major benefit of UPS drop box is that they are available in all locations of United States and you are free to drop your package anytime even in the evening or late nights you can drop your package for delivery just take care that your package should not be of heavyweight and should not worth more than 500 dollars. UPS is the best delivery service provided as compared to any other delivery company.